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Child Custody

Legal Decision Making
and Parenting Time

Often, the most important consideration in family law cases is what will happen to the children. A child’s best interest is at the heart of every child custody case. Parents and courts must resolve two main issues: Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time.
child custody

Legal Decision Making

Legal Decision Making determines whether one or both parents will make major decisions for the children, including decisions regarding education, medical needs, religion, and personal care. This decision must be made in all types of family law cases involving children, whether or not parents were previously married to one another. If you already have legal decision-making orders, and you’re concerned that the best decisions are not being made for your child, legal action may be necessary to modify those orders.

Parenting Time

Parenting Time means the days and times the child will be with each parent, including holidays. Except in certain circumstances, courts are required to ensure that children have frequent, meaningful, and continuing contact with both parents. In some cases, however, safety concerns need to be carefully considered. When parents cannot agree, these decisions are left to a judge. Many times, parenting time orders need to be modified to address changes in material circumstances that effect a child’s best interests. We can help you sort out these issues through a well-written and executed Parenting Plan. This legal document outlines both parties’ responsibilities moving forward, in an attempt to prevent future disagreements. It’s important to have a Parenting Plan that can realistically and comfortably last for years to come. If the Parenting Plan you have does not stand the test of time, or needs to be changed, we can also help you modify that Parenting Plan. Give us a call to set up a discounted first consultation at 602-942-6200.