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Divorce costs you may not be thinking about

Jul 12, 2022 | Divorce Lawyer, Arizona Family Law, Attorney at Law, Divorce Attorney

Divorce is not something most couples want to think about. Beyond the emotional toll a divorce can have on an individual, it’s an expensive venture as well. You may be expecting to have to pay for an attorney but there are other costs you may not have factored in yet.

The cost of separating households

Locating a new place to live, putting a down payment on that space and moving are all costly. Even if you remain in the same house, removing your spouse may require refinancing of loans which also includes closing costs. You also need to think about paying the rent or mortgage moving forward on only one income.

The cost of insurance

If you’ve purchased cars together this is another loan you may need to refinance to get your spouse’s name off the vehicle. You’ll also need to start your own insurance policy separate from your spouse.

The cost of your cell phone

When you’re going through a divorce, you need to get off the family cell phone plan and start your own. You may decide to get a whole new phone to ensure any shared accounts are fully disabled.

Court fees

The cost of filing paperwork with the court often catches people off guard. These fees can easily add up and should not be forgotten. Be careful to file paperwork when it’s due to avoid paying any extra fees. Your attorney should help keep all important deadlines in mind.

When you consider all these extra costs of divorce you may be looking for ways to save money. The best way to save money is to solve as many issues as possible outside the court. If you can have civil conversations with your ex, work together to separate your household and property without involving lawyers. Going to court is expensive so if cost is an issue for you, you should find an attorney who will do anything they can to avoid a trial. You should not skip hiring an attorney all together. Without an experienced attorney overseeing your case you may save some money in the short term but it can cost you down the road when you consider your retirement and investments.

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