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Tips for handling the holidays after a divorce

Dec 26, 2022 | Attorney at Law, Divorce Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Separation, Separation and Divorce

When you marry someone, your life tends to fuse with theirs. A big part of most people’s lives is celebrating holidays. It’s a time of comfort, shared love, and excitement. Those happy memories often turn into moments of grief after a divorce.

If you are about to face a holiday season single, you can start preparing now to make it a more positive experience.

Tip 1: Stay off social media.

It’s never a good idea to follow an ex’s social media account but sometimes just staying off social media altogether is a good idea. This year is going to look different for you around the holidays and the last thing you need is to compare yourself to those around you.

Tip 2: Be honest with your loved ones.

This is the time to allow them to rally around you. Seek out their help when you need it. It’s ok to spend more time with your family and it’s also ok not to if that doesn’t bring you comfort. Be honest about your needs and why it’s difficult, and be clear about your boundaries. This also gives your loved ones permission to celebrate and be happy with you when you are ready.

Tip 3: Find ways to socialize.

It can be difficult to move forward when you are used to sharing everything with one person t but it’s never good to feel alone. Find someone you feel comfortable with and ask them to hang out!

Tip 4: Start new traditions.

After a divorce you are beginning a new chapter of your life. You get to decide how it will look and what traditions you will have.

Tip 5: Don’t neglect your old traditions.

There may be some things you did as a couple that you can still enjoy on your own or that you can change slightly. Watching your favorite Christmas movies or baking your favorite dessert may be a therapeutic way to reclaim what you brought to the relationship.

Tip 6: Stay active.

Get out of your house, spend time in nature, try a new class. You may need all the endorphins you can get!

Tip 7: Find things to be grateful for.

Losing a marriage is not easy but focusing on the positive helps create a clearer picture for the future. Remind yourself that things will get easier and time heals all wounds.

Tip 8: Help someone else.

It seems to be a universal truth that helping someone else helps you forget about yourself. Take time to find someone else to serve this holiday season and fill your heart with joy!

No matter how you decide to handle this season, give yourself grace and surround yourself with people who truly care about you.

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