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Do I need an attorney for an uncontested divorce?

Jul 15, 2021 | Uncontested divorce, Arizona Family Law, Consent decree

Deciding to dissolve a marriage is not an easy decision. If you have mutual love and respect for the person you are divorcing, the situation can be even harder. Luckily, in these cases you can usually avoid having to go to court by agreeing to the terms of your divorce.  If you don’t need to go to court to hash out the divorce details—should you still seek an attorney? Yes!

An uncontested divorce is where you and your spouse reach an agreement on all the terms of your divorce and submit this agreement, called a consent decree, to a judge to sign. This process can be completed in as little as 60 days. However, even when you and your ex have the best intentions, divorce can be messy and overwhelming and you want to be sure that your divorce is handled correctly.

An experienced attorney knows that every couple is unique and has the experience necessary to assist you in a wide range of issues that may come up in a divorce.  That experience is invaluable to you. There may be issues that you haven’t even considered that can have a huge impact on you years from now. It’s easier to address these issues at the time of divorce, rather than to try and dispute them later on, which may not be an option at that point.

Many couples may find along the way that some issues are too difficult to discuss face to face. In these situations an attorney can help guide the discussion and the communication to make you more comfortable.

At first, you may think that not hiring an attorney will save you money. However, handling your divorce on your own without an attorney may also result in serious mistakes or errors that cannot be corrected later on.  At the very least it’s a good idea to have an attorney review your settlement agreement before it is submitted to the court.

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