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Holiday parenting schedule

Dec 15, 2021 | Co-parenting, Family Law, Parenting Plan, Separation and Divorce

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and for a couple going through a divorce or a break-up it can be a real test of co-parenting skills. Some tough conversations early on can make things much easier on you and the children.

Be specific

The holidays are full of special events and traditions. For kids, splitting up those traditions can be hard to imagine. If you’re specific with your partner it will allow you to be more specific with your kids. Knowing the plan ahead of time will create a sense of stability during a busy season. Be specific with your child about times, locations and activities. Let them know that all of their favorite activities will still be honored, even if those activities may look different.

Create special moments

The holidays are a magical time for kids but what makes it truly memorable is spending time with you. While being away from your children during special moments may be difficult, set a goal to make your time together uninterrupted. Put down electronics and make the small moments meaningful.

Make simplicity your new tradition

While you may have to give up some traditions, it’s also a good time to create new ones. New traditions don’t have to be overwhelming. It can be doing a craft together, reading a special story, making hot cocoa, or delivering cookies to neighbors. Find something that is simple enough to do every year and that you can truly enjoy together with your children.

While this year may be different, it doesn’t have to be a letdown. Make this year a time when you recommit to making the holidays exceptional for your children. Be clear, concise and open to trying new things.  Teach your children how to do something nice for someone else and that can help everyone feel more cheery, even in difficult times.

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