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A new year is a time to start fresh. If your co-parenting plan has been rocky in the past, it may be time to have a new conversation and set new goals for the new year.

Lead with respect

Working together toward any goal requires mutual respect. Respect for boundaries, personal time and traditions. When you lead with respect, you are more likely to get that back in return.

Set up a routine

A new parenting plan can be a big change up for children. It’s important to manage their expectations every step of the way and a comfortable routine can help. Get on the same page with your former spouse about bedtime, school drop off and chores.

Focus on the positive

Parenting plans require compromise. Giving up something you want is never easy. When things get difficult, focus on what you can control. Keep positive about the time you do have and the time you’ll have in the future. Celebrate the small moments and work to create more of them.

Take care of yourself

While sharing time may be frustrating, make this the year you commit to taking care of yourself. Find a new hobby you can enjoy in your free time. Make time for exercise and eating right. These small steps will put you in the right mind space to stay positive.

Communicate Your Children’s Needs

While your co-parenting relationship will be different now that it was before your divorce or break-up, one of the most important skills to remember is to communicate well with the children’s other parent regarding your children’s needs.  Communication works best when is it in writing, as that avoids situations of talking over one another and arguing.  Remembering to speak only about the facts and leave out the emotion.  That kind of communication can go a long way in helping to improve a co-parenting relationship.

Never Let Your Children Hear You Speak Poorly About Their Other Parent

Always remember that you don’t want the children to hear the other parent saying negative things about you, so remember to not do that yourself.  Children want to know that it’s okay to love both parents, and they don’t want to be put in the middle because that’s painful and difficult for them.  One way you can help your children emotionally is to make sure you never speak poorly of your children’s other parent and that you never allow anyone else to do so if there’s any chance your children can hear what is being said.  

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